Observer (Co-Pilot) Flight - Gift Card


Under 18? Don't want to jump? Have a slight injury keeping you from skydiving with your friends? Fly right seat co-pilot! (Minimum age: 12)

If you're not sure that jumping out of the plane is for you [or if you are under 18], we nearly always have a right seat available in the aircraft for an observer to ride the plane up, watch their loved ones jump out, and land safely with the aircraft. You may decide your next flight will involve a parachute!

  • Must provide valid ID upon check-in
  • If under 18, a guardian must be present to sign the waiver.
This item is a gift card for the purchase of an observer ride in a Start Skydiving jump aircraft.
Gift cards are good for five years from the date of purchase, should be treated like cash, and are not refundable.